Grid View cuts off first and last colum of text with Media Player

Running latest version of Media Player and while in grid view, the first and last colum of text is half off the screen.  I am visually impaired and use the VoiceOver screen reader included in the 2nd and 3rd gen Apple TV.  When viewing a directory from my NAS, for example my movie directory with over 300 DVD rips, the first and last, or seventh, colums are cut off.  The text seems to be half off the screen.  At least, this is what is reported by my sighted wife.  It makes it very hard to figure out the movies shown in those colums.  Any ideas?  I have the Apple TV running through my Denon reciever and then to a TCL 32 TV all via HDMI.  Thanks.

Hmm - it sounds like your TV is cutting off the sides.

What type of TV are you using? Is any kind of HDMI converter in use?

That was totally the problem.  Someone messed with the TV and it was cutting off the text.  Thanks!