Grid view and DVD art display

When displaying DVD images in grid view it appears very slowly. I don’t think it’s reloading metadata as there is no message like it shows initially but its approx 1 every second. Love grid view but this makes it a little frustrating. My files are all m4v on a NAS. Be great if it could be as rapid as the actual Apple TV grid view - Any fixes??

I’m having the same problem.  I have over 500 movies (converted with Handbrake) on a networked Synology NAS, and once I’m inside my movies folder (in Grid view under “Media”) each thumbnail takes about a second to show up.  One second times 500 is a long time for the whole thing, if I back out to the menu then go back into the movies folder, it starts the thumbnail process again from the beginning.  This grid view was the main reason I bought this program since the default list view is horrible with a large library.

Each file has the image and Metadata added to the file from MetaX, so it’s not like it has to go online to get metadata for each one, but maybe it is which is causing the delay?  Is there a setting to use the metadata embedded in the file?  When accessed through the built-in Apple TV menu the icons show up instantly so I know it can work quickly.

This only seems to be a problem with m4v files. I’ve set up another folder with other formats (not m4v) and the thumbnails are very rapid?

The slowness is most noticeable for folders that contain a high number of files. Folders with only a handful of files will load quite quickly.

The good news is that big speed improvements will be available in the next version.