Grey Screen on MLB (on Boxee)

I just got Apple TV with Boxee (via ATVFlash) . Even with premium account I cannot watch any game. I get some yellow loading dot animation, then a grey screen, then nothing …

Any ideas :?:

Some videos in Boxee will require Adobe Flash to be installed. We have a guide for doing this here:

I have the same problem but I do have flash installed and flash shows as being installed as per the wiki article.

What else should I try?


I have same problem, installed flash from maintenance menu. I have seen the flash installation instructions on this website and cannot follow them, I do not have access to the coreaudiokit file mentioned.

There is a lack of information in this subjetc.

It’s working now.

I took the AppleTV back to a Factory Restore -
Reinstalled ATV flash.
Installed flash as per
Installed the BOXEE beta

It all seems to work now.


When I attempt to launch MLB.TV from Boxee I get a message saying that I need to download the latest version. However, I have gone and downloaded (beta), which is the latest as of this writing, i believe? Same result.

I also tried downloading the latest alpha (, launching, and logging in, only to get the same message.