Greenpoison to Seasonpass jailbreak

Hey all,


I bought my first ATV2 a few months ago and thanks to Seasonpass and XBMC it has exceeded my expectations. I probably wouldn’t have or use an ATV without it.


That said I bought another one secondhand of ebay which is iOS 4.3.5 and has greenpoison already installed. I want to install Seasonpass so both ATVs are running the same set-up. Do I need to do a different method for the Seasonpass firmware install over the greenpoison one or do just follow the Jailbreaking 101 guide exactly like I did for the last one?

Just go ahead and Jailbreak with SeasonPass.    That will wipe out the previous Jailbreak.

Thanks for the quick response. That’s what I thought but I just wanted to make sure. :slight_smile: