GreenPois0n RC5 is out

GreenPois0n RC5is out, and appearently can do an untethered jailbreak of 4.2.1. What would the procedure be to get this working on AppleTV? I'm familiar withe process on an iPhone, but not an AppleTV.

Unfortunately GP doesn't support the AppleTV as of yet, thought it may in a future version.

He's right, i tried it. GP claimed it had completed but its not Jailbroken.

Looks like the pwnage tool will be updated to include the GP exploit, so best to wait for that.

will seas0n pass also use the greenpois0n exploit? is it worth to wait for? i like the simplicity of your jb.

I didn’t test it yet, but on README, inside the downloaded file, lists appletv 2 as a supported device.

Here is the complete list:

Supported iDevices:

  • iPod Touch 2G (all bootroms)
  • iPod Touch 3G
  • iPod Touch 4G
  • iPad 1G
  • iPhone 3Gs (all bootroms)
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4 Verizon (not_tested)
  • AppleTV 2

Agree. Same result here.

Was that with the RC5_2 client ?

Yes, Seas0nPass will get the GP exploit added as well. 

No ETA just yet, but it shouldn't be too far off.

this is much needed.

If one has already jailbroken the apple tv 2 using Seas0nPass, can it be jailbroken a second time once it is updated for GP?

I tested both (RC5 and RC5_2). Both said complete, but you can't ssh your appletv 2.

I have tried all different ways an an unable to jailbreak wiht greenpois0n. it says jailbreak comeplte but it either boots and i cant ssh or it goes to the recovery mode.

I imagine atv2g is listed as 'supported' in greenpois0n as technically the jailbreak works, but.. greenpois0n does not install ssh or cydia by default, if you run it on your iphone/touch/pad you'll see that you have to run the 'loader' app which will then install cydia, from there you could install ssh via cydia as well kinda thing but since we can't run 'apps' on our atv2g (yet?) you would have a jailbroken device with no way to proceed..

we've waited this long guys, give the team a bit of time to incorporate the untether exploit into seas0npass and we'll be golden! :)

Does anyone know a away to laod ssh on when its in dfu mode, i am going to do the thered jb, verify it works, then i will run greenpoinson after that and see if that works

According to the README in GreenPois0n RC5 3:

"___AppleTV 2___ (support will be added in RC6)"

Windows version just got released, too.

I was wondering if anyone has tried this

Jailbreak ATV2 with season pass, than run Greenpois0n to detether it?