Green screen while playing MTS or M2TS

Dear all,


I recently bought the ATV flash black version 1 because it stated that it was capable of playing MTS/M2TS files. 

Because my HD camera (Canon) had MTS format, this could be a great way of showing my movies, but when i click on play my screen goes green, the ATV freezes and restarts. I’ve read several posts where it is stated that full MTS/M2TS support should be enabled in this version, but i dont see this feature.


I do record at 60fps at 1080p, but this shouldnt be a problem, XBMC can play them only laggy because of the transcoding (i hope).

PLease help me with finding a solution.


Thanks in advance

I do not believe that the ATV2 hardware is capable of handling 1080p and 60fps.    You might get away with 30fps but any more than that is likely to be problematical.

I need to make a rectification, i just checked and my camera records at 25 fps. So the problem shouldnt be there. The leaves it to one other option, thats the 1080p. Strange enough i can play 1080p movie files like mp4. Could it be that the codec is corrupt or something like that?

Do other people have the same problem?

Would you be able to send in a sample file you’re having trouble with?