Green pixelation

Hello everybody,

has anybody seen these wild green pixelish behaviour while watching series?. I’m using Infuse 2.3-442 and the video file is a h.264 / MPEG-4 file coming from a NAS. I’ve tried different kinds of hdmi cables and changed audio&video tv-resolution to 720p, 50Hz both to no success.

I would be more than happy if anybody could help me out with this





















Yes, I have the same issue with some files.

Some work fine but some always show this green pixalation for a while which goes away when the picture changes. It’s quite annoying. Sometimes the complete screen goes green and sometimes only a few areas.

So far I’ve noticed it only with .mkv of some tv shows. I can watch it fine with other media players on tv, ipad or my macbook but Infuse for iPad and Apple TV both share this green pixelation issues for certain .mkvs so there definitely must be a bug there and it has nothing to do with cables or resolution settings.

Would be great if this could be solved somehow in the near future!


Same Problem here.
The last Update was a mess. So many problems.

is there a solution for this?

since the forced change to infuse with nitotv 2.3 i have the same green pixels and freezes.


with the media player all was okay. is there al solution. with blueray images it works fine. seems a problem with h264


is there a chance to get back the old media player. xmbc has the same problems and i dont like it too.



I have the same issue (infuse 2.2.1). Just bought the app to find out this. I have been spending hours on getting subtitles to work from my nas with plex without transcoding with partly success. Then saw this app and the huge potential but the green pixelation is ruining the screen. 


Nas: Asustor 202TE

Iphone 4s


Files: m4v with ac3 dolby digital sound and subtitle track.

I have no previous experience of the app as i just bought it.

Looking forward to a solution.

EDIT: I do have files of the same type that don’t show this behaviour. The only common denominator i have found is that those that show green pixels is coded with AVC (High@L4.0) and the one that works greate with AVC (High@L4.1).



For information - i have solved the green pixelation i have had on all my movies.I did find out what separated the one working well with the ones not working. 

Those movies that showed green pixelation for me were all muxed together in mkv2mp4 (on windows 8.1) (one h264 stream and one ac3 or acc 2ch audio stream). If i instead muxed them in Subler on Mac OSX 10.6.6 (virtual box installation of OS X ), the very same media stream worked perfectly using one external srt file in the folder. No lag or anything. 

Just wanted to inform others about my findings since it might be closely related.