Green line on right side of screen in 4:3 playback

I am getting a green line on the right edge of the 4:3 area during 4:3 playback. I am really enjoying Infuse Pro and would like to get this resolved. I have tried swapping out the HDMI cable.

Is that happening with all videos or just a few?

Any chance you’d be able to upload a sample we can review here?

Hi :slight_smile:
I have noticed this “Green Line” in some older Versions of Infuse…

But with the new Version as from 5.3 (with the new Playback-Core) this Problem has been fixed!
Do you use maybe an older Version of Infuse? (maybe V4)? :wink:

Thanks for your quite prompt response, James. It appears to be happening with all 4:3 videos. I am running the latest verison of Infuse.

This evening I will upload a small public domain sample video which exhibits the problem as well as an iPhone clip of the problem itself. Appreciate the help.

I was wrong! I thought I had the latest version of Infuse because I have automatic updates on, but I was actually stuck on 5.2.1. I think it has something to do with how I bought Pro in-app. Infuse wouldn’t show up in my Purchased apps or update, and Infuse Pro still showed up as a purchase option in the store even though I own it.

So I deleted Infuse and reinstalled the free version. It recognized my subscription to Pro and now everything is working great! Green line problem is gone. I lost some of my info (metadata / viewed indicators) but not the end of the world.

Loving the features of the latest version. The new playback core is stupid fast. Infuse is quicker with a 40gb file over 802.11ac than VLC is playing it locally. Just mindboggling.