Green flicker

I am noticing green flicker on video playback on the 2021 Apple TV 4K . Happening during video start up when screen is supposed to be black . Green tint and flicker.

What type of videos are you playing when this happens?

Which version of Infuse are you using?

I am watching movies from a Plex share . And I am on the latest version.

Which version number?

What kind of videos? mkv, avi, mp4, DV, 4K, etc?

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Hi I’m on version 7.5.4372. I mostly watch 1080p mkv h264 codec and MkV Hvec 4K. I think it’s mostly on the tv shows that are mkv h264 1080p.

Do you have match content and match frame rate turned on? Have you tried a different hdmi cable? Does it make a difference on iPhone/iPad if you have one?

Don’t forget that when discussing issues with a beta release it should be in the beta forum. :wink:

Update. After further investigation I found that my televisions settings were causing the issue, specifically filmmaker mode and also the brightness settings it defaults to in that mode. Thank you everyone for the input it is much appreciated.


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