Green Blocks while Playing mkv

Hi, I always have the Problem, that when I’m playing a mkv-File, I get large green blocks on the video.

I’m streaming the files from my NAS. Both the aTV and the NAS are connected via cable to the router.

Is this some config issue?



Hope somebody can help me.

Am I the only one with this Problem? If so, Maybe it’s just a config issue??

BTW: The Blocks look something like this:

Does it do it through out the video or once or twice?  I have gotten that but never thought anything of it as I was just thinking it was a converting issue.   I have to take a deeper look at it this weekend and see if it is just a converting issue or just MKV files.  Have you placed it on a computer and played it to see if the same thing is happening?  At least I know I could rule that out myself as a problem.  

It’s throught the hole video. I played the files (problem accours with every mkv file!) on a pc and it runs without problems, so it is not a problem with the file itself, but you can test it another time to be sure