Great Update only one issue left for me.

Thanks for the Great Update. 

No more AFP errors with Time Capsule, but still have pause issue (error).  When a Movie is paused, for a period of time, I receive a Playback error (cannot establish connection to network) a short period of time after I start to play again.



Great to hear!

The pause issue is still something we’re looking into. Out of curiosity what type of device are you streaming from? AFP or SMB?

Streaming from the Time Capsule with AFP.

Agree, great update! Also having this same issue with ‘playback error’, though I’m streaming from a mac mini and using SMB. happy to wait till Steve gets his issue addressed first!

Last night I decided to try streaming from SMB, from Time Capsule, and so far I have had no errors. Media Player will wait for drive to spin up, buffer and play video fine. I have paused for up to 15 minutes and video, resumes from pause, without error. I will keep testing but I believe I am going to stream from SMB from now on.