Great program but

Infuse Pro is a great program so thank you very much to all those that made it possible. I just have one nitpick with it though. Apologies if this has been asked before but whenever I’m uploading to Google Drive I can’t seem to play anything from Google Drive using Infuse Pro. The loading screen just hangs. Is anyone else having this program or is it just me? If I’m not uploading to Google Drive Infuse plays all content from Google Drive just fine.

Are you saying that you are trying to upload files to G Drive at the same time you are playing videos from G Drive?

Yes, unfortunately I have to because my upload speed is so slow. For the very big files I usually leave It overnight but the smaller ones 20-30gb I usually upload during the day and like I’ve said I cannot play video files using Infuse from my Google Drive if I am uploading to Google Drive. Infuse just hangs on the play screen and becomes unresponsive.

I should also mention I’m on an iPad Pro and I use Google Drive’s app to upload to Google Drive.

If you can play your files from G Drive with Infuse without problems when you’re not uploading to G Drive then I’d say the issue is the traffic with G Drive and not an Infuse issue.

Only so much can go through a pipe at a time. :wink:

Maybe pause your uploads when you want to watch something on G Drive and resume after?

I see your point. I did actually test this by uploading to Google Drive and using there internal player and the result was exactly the same. Like I said it is only a minor nitpick.

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

One thing that might help is check your router and see if it offers a QoS setting (quality of service). Some do and this gives priority to a specific device for streaming. It may or may not help but it’s a free test if your router supports it.

Thanks, I have a look.

BTW on a side note do guys ever envisage a time when Infuse will be able to index the iTunes’ library? That’s content on the iTunes’ servers.

I’m not an employee of FireCore but I’d guess that seeing iTunes content on Infuse is not very likely. Since it’d require full DRM by Infuse and also Apple giving up control of what gets played from iTunes I don’t see it happening.

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