Great, last indexed: Never

I decided to watch a new episode. Opened up Infuse, empty header bar (which showed newly added stuff), and now my entire indexed library is gone. Have to index for an hour or so to get everything back together. My folder with recent stuff will then after that now show new episodes.

Have experienced this before, also mentioned this before, how does this happen?

The Apple TV has the ability to remove any app data it choose if it sense the device is getting low on storage space.

Sadly, we don’t have any way to prevent this, but Infuse 5 will repopulate everything automatically if it does happen.

That’s the point, I have more then enough storage space available, so there is no reason for this feature to trigger. Wouldn’t it be great if we can export the index database to a linked mount or cloud service? (Or automatically when a library sync if fully completed. And then notify when the library is empty whole there is a library backup on the configured mount)

If you want to send in a report we can see how much free space you had before and after the Apple TV wiped your Library.


I experienced exactly the same problem yesterday evening, empty library after starting infuse (version 5.5.5)
Had to rebuild the entire indexing

My aTV 4K is new and nearly empty (4 applications of less than 100Mb each) so I guess I have more than 24GB available on it (will check this evening)

I also agree that it would be nice to be able to locate the library in the shares and not in the device.

Don’t know if it is worth sending the log file 24h later ?


Might still be worth it if it’s not too much trouble. :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issues. Diagnostics email sent

I lived that same problem 2 Times.
The last one was yesterday. I can not understand what the problem & reason is…

Happened again. It was third.
All my metadatas has gone. I rescanned again.
My setup is completely the same more than 2 years.(zyxel 326 nas, connection via smb, 1gbit ethernet cable connection )
While ı was using Apple tv 4th version, ı did not get this problem.
Now ı Am using Apple tv 4k 32gb and infuse 5.5 and 5.6 beta and started this big headache :frowning:
I do not understand what is happening at the back side…

Update: We’ve reviewed a few of the reports here, and in many cases the Apple TV disk is filling up in a matter of minutes without Infuse being open. Once the disk is close to full, tvOS will purge info from various apps to ensure an ‘out of disk space’ message never appears.

This seems like it may be a bug in tvOS 11.0, so updating to tvOS 11.1 may be worth a try to see if it helps.

Hello James

Thanks for your feedback. I am updating the atv to tvOS 11.1 right now… I have a annoying bug with the atv refusing to go out from sleep from time to time…
So I’ll see if this also improves the Infuse empty library at the same time. (By the way, after the update from tvOS 11 to 11.1, still have “last update : never” : diagnosis TDFMR)

I’ll get in touch in any case in a few days

My atv 4k has already tvos 11.1 ( Beta release is open). And all my above problems were tvos 11.1 :frowning:

Just going to add my experience with this issue in the hope that it may help with a solution.

We have 3 older ATVs running infuse and 1 4K ATV.
This issue has only occurred on the new 4K ATV (twice).
The issue seemed to occur after Infuse was updated.
My 4K ATV is the 32GB model and looking at storage (using TVStorageInfo app), it normally has approx 15GB utilised out of the 29GB available.
Most of this space is taken by metadata, as I have only 2 other small apps on the ATV, besides Infuse.
After the last loss of metatdata, I looked at the storage available, and there was virtually none left, despite me not installing / uploading anything.
After doing a simple restart, the storage went down to very little used (can’t remember exactly how much).

Theory - for some reason, after the Infuse update, it has tried to duplicate the archive of metadata and run out of space, therefore triggering the deletion of the archive.
? When an app updates, does it replicate the archive before deleting the old version?

Hope this helps.

So far, since the 11.1 update the metadata seems stable :slight_smile:

Yesterday the problem occurred, empty library. Few hours of indexing, decided not to watch a show, and now one day later, library is gone once again, so I give it up for now, I don’t want to wait for hours to watch a TV show, multiple times a week. (FYI, I’m on tvOS 11.2 right now, so the bug still active)