Gray overlay across HDR playback

Playing back HDR Blu-ray remuxes with Infuse results in a gray overlay across the image. Blacks are gray, and a gray cast appears at all times.

This is on an LG OLED C2 with an Apple TV A1842.

  • This has been tested across multiple files.
  • This does not occur with Infuse SDR playback.
  • This does not occur with YouTube HDR test videos on either the ATV or the LG youtube app.
  • I have tried changing menu modes to 4K SDR, 4K HDR, 4K Dolby Vision, etc.
  • I have tried both with and without Match Range and Framerate on/off.
  • I have tried switching from YCbCr to RGB High.

Below is an example of a “pure black” frame from a Blu-Ray HDR remux played back using Infuse.

Do you have a test pattern Blu-ray or demo you were testing or from a movie? Not all movies go down to pure black.

I tested multiple movies. Additionally, this is not just an issue of not getting pure black, the whole image has the pictured gray overlay. Please read the OP.

What version of Infuse are you running? And what version of TVOS are you running?

Also could you provide the link on YouTube to an “HDR” that looks correct.

tvOS 17.4 (21L227). Infuse Pro 7.7.2 (4781).

Here is LG’s HDR test on YouTube, which is one of many HDR videos that work fine there.

I submitted diagnostics with the NWT39 code if James pops in here.


Can you check to see what the Apple TV Chroma option is set to in HDR mode (this will be either 4:2:0 or 4:2:2). There have been reports in the past of 4:2:2 causing issues with some setups.

If you are able to send in one of the problematic files that could be helpful.

I can confirm that changing the chroma to 4:2:0 improves but does not resolve this problem.

I will send in a sample

Apologies for the delay. Sample uploaded. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Any luck figuring this one out?

Could this be a bug related to this particular ATV model?

I wasn’t able to replicate any issues with your samples, but I found this thread on reddit where a user reports a similar issue with the C2, and a potential fix.