Granular Share control under My Files

Currently I can define a share to my top level NAS/Win/Apple device, under which I have a myriad of shares (a lot are not media related)

I suggest defining a Label (which you currently do), such as TV which has a SMB connection to (its not sharing the top-level DATA share, but instead goes into deeper folder.  The same would apply for a label such as Movies which may be a AFP connection to


This means I do not need to navigate through lots of folder to find what I need (unless I define a Share at a much higher level)





This feature is already available.

Highlight the directory you want to create a shorcut to and then press and hold the Select button.   A menu will pop up which has the option “Add to Favorites” … select this option and you will now find that the favorite will now appear directly under the top level Media menu;  no more navigating though lots of folders to get to your favorite folder! 

That is fine, but it would even be better if one could define the underlying folders as shares (I think).

e.g. that it was possible to define //nas/media/movies as a share instead of defining //nas as a share

is that possible

Yes, you can specify the full path when setting up the share if you prefer.

thanks! I found that out too (after solving some NAS problems. :-)   Thanks again!

BTW Fantastic software!