Grainy 4k content

With the latest update, 4k content is really grainy

Is this affecting all videos or just a few?

Would you be able to upload a sample we can review here?

I can also confirm that any 4k 10-Bit HEVC content appears grainy on v5.6.2 almost as though a film filter is being applied to the video. 1080p H264 content looks crystal clear.

Are you playing these on a 4K or 1080p TV?

We haven’t seen any issues like this here, so if you’re able to provide a sample it could be helpful.

I am viewing this content on a 4K tv a LG B6 OLED to be exact. I am going to do some testing tonight and remux the mkv to mp4 and use another app that uses the native apple player and compare the results.

Thanks for the replies. I’m using a samsung, this exact model

I’m actually out of town for the holidays so I can’t get a good sample for you, but I’ll get a sample this weekend.

I’ve discovered a potential error on my part. The test video I was using apparently has parts shot on 16mm film which can cause a film grain look which would be more prominent when viewing in glorious 4K HDR. See here - realorfake4k Resources and Information.

I’m going to rerun the same tests with a different video that was digitally shot in >4K. See here - realorfake4k Resources and Information.

No Problem at all for me on my lg oled b6 its Crystal clear !

same for me.

iOS 11.2 beta
infuse 5.6.2
setting is 4k SDR and automatic switching to HDR

grainy dark structures too. It looks like the effect from iOS11.1 where apple tried to convert every movie to HDR if your setting was 4k HDR.

The positive side of your new version: TV switched perfect to HDR with iOS11.2 beta now and back for normal content.