Graininess and Distortions in Blacks


The other week I watched The Lighthouse at a friend’s on his Apple TV via Infuse. The file we watched was from the blu ray itself.

The movie is black and white, and we noticed about 3 minutes in that there was a lot of strange graininess and distortion in the blacks.

We switched to Plex, and the problem was solved.

I was curious to see if this problem would still persist on my own TV, so this week I tried it out, and had the exact same problem. Oddly enough, I don’t have the problem if I run infuse from my phone, and airplay it to the TV.

The first two pictures are from infuse, and the last two are from Plex.

Hoping someone knows how to fix this.

Thank you, and my username was created 3 years back (originally from my plex name) for the lols, just saying haha.

I am using -

Infuse version Pro 6.2.6 (2900) - Library via Plex.
Apple TV 4K Model #A1842 (32GB) tvOS 13.3 - Resolution 2160p UHD - 60Hz Dolby Vision - Ethernet connection
Vizio V series 70”

My Match Content options were turned off on my Apple TV. I turned them on, and I believe this problem has been fixed.

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