Gotta say


What a damn goooood app.

Been using Plex/Plex connect with ATV3 for a year now, it’s been working, and also been working quite good…

But now with the ATV4 and Infuse, it’s perfect !! Nothing else to say, P E R F E C T ! it’s like when I had the ATV2 (720p) and the old firecore system.

Must say, thanks for a very needed app FireCore !

Agreed. Really comes into it’s own in combination with the iOS apps too. Finished off a movie this morning on the tube as I couldn’t finish it last night.

Thanks for the kind words. :wink:

I have to agree. For all the complaints and suggestions on these forums, the bottom line is that infuse is an awesome piece of software. And one that we all know is only going to get better over time. Thanks!

Keep in mind unlike with the aflash version they now have much wider influx of people, a much harder context of hardware compared to the iOS version and probably many rules to follow (and looking for the limits) by apple. But i do understand the complaining and requests for features because i am guessing most see the huge potential of a app like this on the new hardware. Also since there are already many ‘video’ apps out of the new device its easier to compare apps perform on issues.

I was testing some other apps and most have the xmbc type of interface and i all i can say that infuse follows the ‘apple’ model in interaction again fits my wants so much better.

Keep up the good work people but don’t expect less demands since so much can be done now :slight_smile: