Got an atv2 with 4.4.4 and an atv2 with 5.0 can i swap info from 4 to 5?

Is it possible to somehow use my signature from the 4.4.4 to jailbreak my 5.0 or roll it back if so please tell me how so i can stop pulling my allready depleting hair supply, Thanks!

I can not answer your question, but have been thinking the same thing.  I have a feeling that it can NOT be done, because it seems like the “blobs” are tied to hardware equipment numbers.  However, if not, and if you are right, then I would sure like to see if I could get some 4.4.4 blobs to Upgrade from 4.3 to 4.4.4.  Very interesting concept.


I kno blobls for Iphone are signed to there S/N and is very dangerous to swap blobls form idevices it bricks them and not us-able no more So im guessing its the same for Atv…

It makes sense that blobs are tied to the ecid or sn. Therefore, no blob swapping. booo

What about mirroring the hard drive of my working 4.4.4?


I thought about it but how?? ssh into it or wiscp? tried but its not jailbroken so i cant…


Start from step 2 but shsh blobs are unique so u can’t use other’s device shsh blobs