Got a new router - atv sees it but router address, dns address don't show so won't work


I am having a problem getting my atv wireless to setup.  I just got my router replaces (2wire) which was what the previous was.  The wireless sees the new router name - i select it and enter my password - it shows it connecting.  It says its done and then says atv not connected to internet.  So i used the DHCP setup - it says I am now connected to the internet.  But the connection screen still shows router and DNS address blank.  I had had this problem in the past and have no clue how i fixed it then either.  I do know there was address info in those areas and then streaming worked again.  right now, its not.

I've tried turning the firewall on the router and on my PC off, tried turning off the atv and the router - still not streaming.


Any ideas what i'm doing wrong or not doing ?

Do you have MAC address filtering enabled on your router?