Got a ATV with 4.3, what to do?

any success?

hi guys

i am in the same boat

i bought a new apple tv 2 yesterday, it was still 4.3 (8F455) so i saved with ifaith

i have no problem restoring back to 4.3 - but to jailbreak i was only successful with snowbreeze

i was able to install xbmc and works

but NO sound - any solution?

also i had another problem - when i try to install repo .zip files for xbmc - i usually SSH files to var/mobile/ folder

then when i am in xbmc addon to add zip files - i cant not get into home folder, anyone has this problem?

i dont have any problem when using seasonpass jailbreak

too bad that seasonpass can not support ifaith SHSH

both of them. 

  All sorted!!! 8)  it took 3 days:) and finaly is sorted . Let me test one more time everything and I will let you know how to… can’t blieve it worked:)


ok here we go: MIX OF TRICKS for 4.3 ATV2

1.use IFAITH to grab shsh blobs from yor 4.3 atv2.  dissconect it , you will need to connect it just in step 15.

2.use snowbrezee to build custom 4.3 firmware with ifaith blobs. BUT DO NOT USE IT to jailbreak. Let it sit down on your desktop.

3.use seasonpass to build custom 4.3 firmware BUT DO NOT USE IT to jailbreak. Let it sit down in yours My documents>seasonpass and install totalcomander(wincmd)

5.create  empty folder on desktop

6.drag seasonpass firmware to totalcomder icon . You shoud see now files of all ipsw file in left side.

7. in right side of totalcomander navigate to empty folder which you just created.

8.mark 2 dmg files from left side and drag them to right side, let it extract to that empty folder.

9.after extract close total comander.

10.drag now redsnow firmwarefrom desktop  to totalcomander icon.

  1. on the left side you should see rensnow ipsw files,on the right side 2 files extracted in step8.

12.mark those 2 files on the right and drag them to left side to redsnow ipsw. Let it overwrite.

13.after all is done close total comander.

  1. you have now redsnow firmware ipsw file on your desktop with signed blobs and seasonpas custom inside :))P

  2. Conect your ATV2 to PC ,  use iReb to enter DFU mode.

  3. after you are in dfu open itunes , press SHIFT +restore and navigate to file on your desktop called as 00000xxxxx_sn0wbreeze_Apple_TV_2-4.3-8F455_signed.ipsw

  4. itunes will finish ,  use atv flash and you are done:)


Long story in short : you have to swap 2 files in firmwares. use snowbreeze as shel with 2 dmg files inside of seasonpass.

Done,tested , working with no issues. Going to sleep now:)


I can t do the way you done
Because I can’t make seasonpass to create a 4.3 fw
Don’t have shsh
I tried tO download from Internet but can’t find one
Would you be able to post it?
Just need a 4.3 8F455 SP Ispw
Too bad seasonpass is not compatible with ifaith shsh

Ormanton!! Good work would your method also work if you having an Apple TV with 4.4.4 installed and ssh blobs dumped by iFaith? If not is there a way to downgrade from 4.4.4 to 4.3 without having ssh blobs saved of 4.3?


i thought you have shsh blobs, as you wrote you grabed it.

matty posted link for season pass which will make for you 4.3



try try try try, and it will happen  

i have the SHSH for 4.3 but with ifaith

i can restore or even jailbreak with snowbreeze to 4.3, no problem

but seasonpass uses SHSH from cydia ( which you need to get it from Tinyumbrella or redsn0w ) they use different servers

thanks for the Seasonpass exe but i already have it

i was asking if possible to post the actual Firmware appletv2 4.3(8F455)_SP_restore.ipsw

because i cant create a 4.3 Seasonpass firmware



Is this what you’re after?


he needs not original but seasonpass’ed  4.3(8F455)_SP_restore.ipsw  . it could be done in few clicks if he reads what I write.

thanks you guys i found why i wasnt able to create a seasonpass custom firmware 4.3 i was using NEW version of seasonpass problem it wont continue unless you plug your apple tv 2 with the computer and if you do plug it and you dont have the SHSH, it wouldtell me that this apple tv is not eligible for this version 

the older version 4.3

you can create the season pass custom firmware without plugging the apple tv

thanks again guys

i was almost giving up!! hahah

  yes mate, do step by step what I wrote and you will have everything working . Just read&do  and dont think :slight_smile:

  unplug your atv from pc. run seasonpass  exe file  and press create ipsw. it will make it for you just wait. you will see asking to enter dfu … close it. you will find custom ipsw file in My Documents/SeasOnPass folder.  

Here is Seas0nPass_4.3.exe - 21.8 MB. [/quote]

i think you made a couple of mistake of names on your instructions

when you said redsn0w on step 10

you are talking about snowbreeze right?

just to be clear

I have done everything but getting error 1600 at the end.


do you get the FC logo after ? i did all the instruction after restart i dont see the FC logo i will check if i can install the XBMC update: actually it is still jailbroken even there is no FC logo but i will see if the XBMC has sound getting close



xbmc working with sound

i just need to test it for couple of hours! make sure it does not crash or any other problem

thanks guys

Yes sorry,  snowbreeze.


You have done with mistakes. highlander made everything as written and got it working. Check your steps again and please ingore word redsnow, read it as snowbreeze. I was too tired to write without mistakes.