Got a ATV with 4.3, what to do?

tethered? no?

Without the blobs for the device you cannot install an older version. There is no way around that. 4.4.4 works fairly well with XBMC beta 3.

Yep, i know, but it doesn’t work with CLICKtoPLUGIN (best extension for safari - to stream any video (html5) directly from browser to atv), like 4.3 it does

ex: screenshot  (look at AIRPLAY)

I just used the old Seas0nPass to jailbreak a new Apple TV 2.  No issues. I can try to post the old one if anyone needs it.

Yes Nasim, please post your results… and how to.

Yes, Please do so!


I apologize, it just so happened I must have been lucky to jailbreak the device before apple stopped signing it.  I’m here trying to jailbreak my mother in laws with no luck.  I am truly sorry for getting hopes up.  I am going through the frustration now.  Once again, please accept my humble apology. 


Cure for OS4.3:
1.use ifaith to grab shsh blobs
2.use snowbreeze and choose to use ifaith blobs
3.follow instructions on snowbreeze
4.after jailbreak install atv flash
5.after atv flash install,  run some comands over ssh to fix some issues:
echo "deb tangelo-3.7 main">/etc/apt/sources.list.d/saurik.list
apt-get update
apt-get -f install
6.install stuff from maintenance (DO NOT INSTALL NITO!!!!!! will break break everything)
made atv2 with 4.3 os today .
P.S. 4.3 jb made over snowbreeze has issues with sound in xbmc , overall everything else is ok. At least media player and all other stuff is working in proper way. Firecore could add ifaith shsh support to seasonpass too , it would be cure for all this madness

Please confirm who reached step 7, or post if you have another way.


I can confirm I have Jailbroken an Apple TV2 using this method and have taken an updated 5.1 unit back to 4.3 and Jailbroken!!

I have installed ATV Flash Black 1.4 successfully on this unit but have not been able to get XBMC installed yet and I need help doing so.



it dont work for me i have AppleTV2,1_4.4.3_9A405l_Restore Snowbreeze support up to 4.4.3 8f455. I canot select my FW


do step 5 for xbmc


it works up to os4.3 (8f455)


Matty, I’ve been trying to follow your process outlined to perform a Jailbreak of an ATV with firmware 4.3.

Is there a particular version of Seas0npass that I should be using? I downloaded the latest version, but SP does not appear to proceed with the downloaded ipsw file until the ATV is connected, and then it says the device is not eligible. I downloaded an earlier version (looks to be version and that appears to do the job, however when I look at C:\Users<username>\Documents\Seas0npass\Downloads after SP asks me to connect the ATV there are no files there.

Any suggestions? This this is kicking my @ss :frowning:


yes, i jailbreak exactly that

yes, i have issues with sound, and try to find decision


I have succesfully Jailbroken and installed aTV Flash Black 1.4 and have installed XBMC to 4.3

Unit had been previously updated to 5.1 and is now 4.3

what about sound in xbmc?

Sound is not working…

Looking into that right now…any suggestions?

Also confirmed 2nd ATV Jailbroken on 4.3 as first

Now to fix the sound.

Note to others trying to Jailbreak:

If your unit is not 4.3 to begin with so you can save your SHSH Blobs with iFaith this method will not work ! 4.4.4 is not supported with sn0wbreeze for the method!

Here is Seas0nPass_4.3.exe - 21.8 MB.