Got a ATV with 4.3, what to do?


I just bought an apple tv and it has the 4.3 firmware. As I see it these are my options:

  1. Jailbreak it and stay on 4.3.

  2. Upgrade to 4.4.4 and jailbreak it.


The problem is thatI would also like to run XBMC on it and reading on the xbmc forums they recommend using 4.3 or lower so I would like to give option 1 a chance. As I understand it this would involve using iFaith to download my blobs from the apple tv, since apple is not signing that version them any more. And then using the method described here to do the jailbreak.

My question is, is it worth going through all the hassle with option 1, or should I just go with option 2?







Do option 1 then you have your blobs saved so you can downgrade in the future.

How do it? 

i bought ATV2 with 4.3  

i want to jailbreak BUT stay on 4.3 (its important)

of course i haven’t SSH now

can anyone help how to do it? (  how to save ssh, how to apply this ssh with new season pass) ?

You need iFaith to be able to get the SHSH Blobs from the device.

try to find windows pc  :)

  1. after  ifaith  - i will get ssh

  2. i have to shove resulting ssh to new seasonpass 

that’s rigth? 


why i cant use tiny umbrella?

TinyUmbrella wont get the SHSH Blobs from the device only the Apple Servers and since they no longer are signing the 4.3 IPSW it is impossible.

Once you have your SHSH Blobs you will need to store them in the .shsh folder and use TinyUmbrella to be able to restore the older firmware.

hmm, steps:

  1. get ssh from ifaght  

  2. tiny umbrella ??? (what i have to do with it?)

  3. season pass with native firmware 4.3


no need to do custom ipsw? rigth?

Yes you will need to use iFaith to get the SHSH blobs from the Apple TV (it is pretty self explanatory I do believe; Dump SHSH Blobs I do believe the button says)

Once you have the SHSH Blobs you will need to copy them to the following path (Windows Vista/7) C:\Users<Username>.shsh

Run TinyUmbrella and go to the Advanced tab, uncheck request SHSH Blobs from Cydia. Restart TinyUmbrella and start the TSS Server.

Open Seas0nPass and hold shift and click create IPSW. Point it to the 4.3 IPSW which you can download from here.

Allow Seas0nPass to run the iTunes script. Hopefully you’re then jailbroken on 4.3.

you are my best friend now! russia like you :) 

Don’t thank me yet. I have never tried this and I am not sure if the new Seas0nPass is backwards compatible with the older IPSWs.


i used  ifaith - but it generated not *.shsh,  but only *.ifaith 

what i need to do with it *.ifaith?

i tried to generate custom ipsw (via ifaith) - it generated, but seasonpass not want to jail with custom - wrote “wrong version with it”




When the IPSW is signed Seas0nPass will not recognize it.

I do believe remaning the extension from .ifaith to .shsh (I believe they are the same file) should work…


rename don’t work Image 2012.02.24 22:27:24

invalid xxxx

i have ifaith custom firmware -> ireb dfu->i tried to itunes+shift - ok, 4.3 as it was.

but how to jailbreak it?


a) if i select old firmware - error (i think i need shsh 4.3 in tiny umbrella, but i have only in .ifaith form

b) if i shift+seasonpass and take faith custom - wrong version

any ideas?  


I will try something tonight to see if I can get it to work.

any news?


now i have atv2 with 4.3, i have ifaith blobs, ifaith custom and can restore 4.3 via iTunes. (without tiny umbrella’s tss server)

new seasonpass check (i think only saurik server shsh) and write that this firmware not support

but how to jailbreak 4.3?  snowbreeze?

Ok so I managed to create a signed jailbroken IPSW of 4.3 (I didn’t attempt to flash it but this is worth a try). There are a few steps so I will edit this post with them for you to follow…


I am going to start from the very beginning therefore if you have already done some of this then that is fine.

Step #1: Download the 4.3 IPSW

Step #2: Download and run Seas0nPass

Step #3: Hold shift on your keyboard and click Create IPSW

Step #4: Selected the downloaded IPSW file from step 1

Step #5: Wait for the jailbreak to be finished. When it is you will be asked to put your Apple TV into DFU mode. Ignore this and close Seas0nPass as you are finished with it.

Step #6: Download and run iFaith

Step #7: Dump the SHSH blobs for the Device

Step #8: Click Build signed IPSW w/ Blobs

Step #9: Select the SHSH Blob (will have the .ifaith extension)

Step #10: Open the following path on your computer C:\Users<USERNAME>\Documents\Seas0nPass. You will have a folder called Downloads. Copy the IPSW from the Downloads folder to the Seas0nPass folder. You will then have two IPSWs. One will have SP in it.

Step #11: Click Browse for the iOS 4.3 (8F455) IPSW. This file will be in C:\Users<USERNAME>\Documents\Seas0nPass and make sure to select the IPSW WITHOUT the letters SP.

Step #12: Once the IPSW has been verified (it does an MD5 checksum to make sure you are selecting the right file but this is the only time it does throughout the process). You need to rename the files as such:

AppleTV2,1_4.3_8F455_Restore.ipsw –> AppleTV2,1_4.3_8F455_Restore.ipsw_

AppleTV2,1_4.3_8F455_SP_Restore.ipsw –> AppleTV2,1_4.3_8F455_Restore.ipsw

This will force iFaith to use the Jailbroken IPSW that Seas0nPass created to sign.

Step #13: Once the signing is complete then follow the on screen instructions to put the device into DFU mode and restore the AppleTV in iTunes. Or without putting the device into DFU you can try to simply restore the IPSW in iTunes to see if it accepts it.


Good Luck and let me know if this works!

i have done all your steps. i got custom firmware, after seosonpass->ifaith md5 check->rename->ifaith custom)

if i restore via itunes(win) (ireb pwned dfu (built-in-ifaith or even ireb r5) - error 21, 1600

if i restore via itunes(win and macos) (no ireb, jast shift+restore) - error 1604

sometimes on win it was - error 1600  (if i use powercord for dfu mode)

tried on different windows pc and macos, different USB cords, (all other iDevices  are disconnected Connect ONLY the USB cable, ‘hosts’ file  communicate with Apple’s servers instead of Cydia)

tried dfu via: ireb(pc), pwnage tool (mac), snowbreeze(pc) 

please, help on last step…


some update:

because i can’t do new seasonpass(24.02 version) custom from steps 1-4, because this new seasonpass wrote after start (shift+create ISPW: This AppleTV in not eligible for this version). It check shsh, i guess  (but i have only ifaith blobs, and have no shsh on saurik server)

i tried old seasonpass (summer’s version for 4.3) - have got custom ispw -> did all steps one more time -> no success, error 1604


update 2 (for note)

Error 1604

Device was not pwned (signature checks were not blocked). Custom firmware can't be restored. Can also happen when there's a problem with the IPSW.


update 3

yeeeeeeeeeear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! new snowbreeze 2.9.1 work now with ifaith blobs -> got custom! -> dfu mode (built-in ireb) - > AND SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!

this war was heavy :) 

but i have second new ATV2 with 4.4, without shsh or ifaith blobs for 4.3

any ideas how to downgrade and jail?

Impossible without the blobs.