Got 7.1 on my iPad with iOS 12.x.x

So on thuesday i suddenly got Infuse 7.1 update on my old iPad with iOS 12.x.x version. but i cant update and it doesnt says i need a newer version of iOs either. so whats the deal?

are iOS 12 supported with 7.1 or is it just a bug? because my iPad havent got older versions of infuse 7 before this update. and im not finding any information about this either.

i would be neat if my old iPad got 7.1 but im not hoping too much on this.

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What version number of Infuse did you have prior to getting the notice of a 7.1 update availability?

i have Infuse 6.6.4 installed on my iPad now

You can find out how to upgrade to 7 from earlier versions here.

i already have infuse 7 pro on my apple acount for the rest of my devices. so i dont see how this helps me with this problem…

my question is why i got infuse 7.1 on my ipad witth ios 12.x.x when i havent got the earlier updates from 7.0 or newer. is this a bug or is 7.1 supported on ios 12???

What do you mean that you got the 7.1 update on your old iPad? Did you get a new app loaded that says it’s Infuse 7.1? Just trying to understand what you’re seeing.

Just as a reference it looks like iOS 13 is required for Infuse now.

I got infuse 7.1 in the updates on appstore

But i cant update. But if it needs ios 13 i understand. But why did it popup there when the older ones havent? And it doesnt says that i need a new version of ios either

My guess is that in the app store it would show all updates available for your purchases under that specific Apple ID since it’s good for all devices not just the one you’re using to browse the app store. So if you tried to do the update and it wouldn’t let you it’s looking at the OS and not allowing it. It would probably allow it on your other devices to update to 7.1 where you already have 7 installed.

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This is a bug with the App Store we’re working to resolve.

Sorry for the trouble.

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Okay i understand. Yes i have infuse 7.1 on my other stuff. ATV4K and my iPhone 12. But my ipad stays with 6.6.4 then! No biggie for me.

Just wanted to know whats the deal was

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While cleaning storage on ipad mistakenly deleted infuse 6. App store offered 7. Numerous attempts later still refuses to install. Download indicator in store sticks and stays stuck. Blacked out icon appears on home screen. Used it to delete the app multiple times and next download fails again.
Well aware more information is required to troubleshoot but not interested in resolving issue. No backups available. VLC & co don’t cut it. Where can last ver 6 build be found to install ?
Thank you for a good player.

A fix for this is now rolling out on the App Store.

If you delete the downloaded version of v7 and attempting to re-download Infuse 7 on devices running iOS 12 it should now correctly give you v6.6.5.

Delete and download shows download older dialog. Still ends in blacked out infuse 7 icon.
Thank you for prompt response.

There may be a delay in how long it takes the App Store to update.

Please try deleting the app, restarting your device, and then try to download again.

Installed and working. v6.6.4 not 6.6.5. Will 6 stay on store for posterity or limited time fix. Thank you.

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