Google Workspace/GSuite Shared Drive storage

I’m storing my media in a Shared Drive, which according to Google do not count storage limits but rather file count limits of 400,000. So I’ve put all my stuff a while ago into a shared drive and shared it with my family within the Workspace domain. Anyone else running a similar setup?

In our household we have 2 iPads, 2 iPhones, 2 Macs, and 1 Apple TV and they all index the Shared Drive from one of the accounts it has been shared with. When one account has to reindex or they add a lot of new stuff to the drive, it hits Google’s limits. I’ve been told by Google that they are meant to only apply to the specific account that has hit the limits. It is hard to believe that is the case because I also have noticed times when one account cleared caused it but all the other accounts also couldn’t play media anymore from the Shared Drive. Does anyone know the cause of this?