Google Shared Drive Indexing works but Streaming X does not

Being using Infuse for years via a Shared Google drive mostly without a hitch. I now shared that drive over to another Google Workspace/GSuite account associated with a different domain that I use and I am running into a weird problem. I can index the shared drive but I cannot stream any single video. I can stream, edit, & access all the files via the Google Drive web interface, Google File Stream, … so I think it must be some admin setting that I am unaware of that blocks third party apps from accessing the shared drive in a way so that Infuse can stream. I run into the same problem when I try to stream via nPlayer Pro or FileBrowser Biz streaming it via VLC.

Does anyone have suggestions as to what could be causing this and what settings I’d need to change?

So I changed a few settings in my Google Workspace admin dashboard and it all works now but now I’m not sure which of the handful of settings did the trick. I’ll try to test it out and report back what settings are needed for it to work.