Google Drive TV Shows Custom Artwork

I spent most of yesterday replacing artwork for my Movies with custom artwork by copying “Name-of-Movie.jpg” into my Movies folder on Google Drive. Upon syncing with Infuse these all changed perfectly.

When I moved onto TV shows, they did not work at all. I followed the instructions on the support article and tried various file names such as:

  • Folder
  • Poster
  • Name-of-Series

But nothing worked. I did some research and there was a post a while back saying this does not work with Google Drive but I don’t understand why it can work with movies and not TV shows?

My question really is, is there a work around to this? And if not, what solution can realistically be implemented? The default artworks for some of the shows are not visually pleasing and it’s a really shame especially looking at how great the movies section looks.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, due to the limitations of Google Drive it is not possible to override series and season artwork at this time. Sorry.

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