Google Drive Streaming post Google Workspace Storage Crackdown

Hello, I wanted to check with Infuse here to see if streaming should still work with read only perms on the files on google drive (Google Workspace Org Account). As you may know, Google is cracking down on the unlimited workaround for storage and post grace period, the files on there will be read only. Would any writing be done when streaming via Infuse? I hope not so that we can still leave those files there for streaming (i just wont be able to add more files to that google drive account). Thanks in advance!

Infuse itself doesn’t need to write anything to Google Drive, though if the files are read-only then some features like Delete may not work.

I will note, if the account is in some sort of limited state I suppose it’s possible that access to these files via the API (what Infuse uses) could also become limited or cut off at some point. But this of course is outside of our control.

Thanks James! From what I am reading, API access (read) is still intact. So hopefully its all good there :crossed_fingers:

from Google support:
“Just to set proper expectations and make it clear, you can access the files, but you cannot add files into your drive. Since it will add more files on your storage.”

"Users can’t add new files or images to Google Drive.

"Users can’t create new files in collaborative content creation apps like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms, and Jamboard. Until they reduce storage use, nobody can edit or copy their affected files or submit forms owned by the user.

Users can’t add any photos and videos to Google Photos.

Users’ ability to send and receive email in Gmail is impacted. Note: Education customers are exempt from this restriction.

Users can’t record new meetings in Google Meet."

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I wouldnt look to delete with Infuse either… so just stream to my devices :slight_smile: (so no worries there either)