Google Drive streaming issue

I’m having problem playing any movie on my Apple TV, I’m using the latest version, when I was on the previous version I had no problem, every movie I try to play gets infinite buffer, I have 2 Apple tv, first and second generation…I’ve been using infuse for 3 years now and I’m just now having problems…please solve the problems with infuse…sorry my english is bad

What was your previous version before 7.4.1? 7.4 or are you taking Version 6?

First thing I’d try is to do a restart on the apple tvs. It sounds like something may have gotten jumbled in the update.

If it’s still not playing on either ATV I’d consider deleting Infuse on one of them and reinstalling it. After the reinstall, don’t add the shares, just let it restore via iCloud sync.

I don’t remember for sure which version it was, but it was 7, if I’m not mistaken it was 7.3, as soon as I updated to 7.4 on both Apples the problems started, I already uninstalled and installed it again and nothing helped, I even restored mine Apple, unfortunately I still have problems, I use Netegear x10 router and fiber optic internet,

When you do this are you deleting the app and then downloading from the app store again?

After you do this, launch Infuse and DO NOT add any shares, just launch it and go straight to Settings > Library and watch the messages on the left side of the page. It should sync from iClould and restore your shares and library. Once you get the “Last Updated…” message try it then.

I uninstall and then reinstall from the store on Apple tv, I’ll try to do what you told me directly on the iPhone and see if it syncs with iCloud without me having to add my Google Drive

You said you were using two Apple TV’s. Is your iphone also having problems? It’s helps to get the complete picture to help figure out what’s going on.

When you say

Do you mean the 2017 ATV4K and the 2021 ATV4K or are you talking about the real gen one and two?

hi, yes I’m having the same problem on my iPhone too, the movies start normal and after a few seconds they keep running an infinite loading, at this exact moment I removed the infuse from my cell phone and uninstalled from Apple tv, reinstalled and I’m waiting for the synchronization with iCloud to see if the problem was solved, I’ll be back here soon to talk if it worked

So you can start a movie, but it buffers? I thought you were only getting the infinite buffer wheel. So are all of your files on Google drive? That will possibly make a difference too from having your files local.

yes, all my movies are on Google Drive, I’ve been using it for 3 years and it has always worked perfectly, unfortunately the problems started in infuse 7.4xxxx

Hi, I’m coming back here to let you know that I managed to solve my problem

I removed my movies from my Team Drive and transferred them all to my official workspace account

on Apple tv I added my movies to infuse which is now in my workspace

infuse scanned everything, it took almost 3 hours because I have 170tb of movies

now everything works wonderfully as before, my movies are very heavy because I use remux movies at maximum quality

thank you guys see you later

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