Google drive slow sync

Hi guys can anyone tell me why
Google drive sync on infuse is slow
I have over 1000+ movies on google drive but when I open my library on infuse i just found that infuse sync only
About 5 or 10 movies and still updating… how to sync fast and what the right way to sync your google drive with infuse?? Any explain? Or vid explain ? Or even comment
Thank you all ? :snowman:

We have a number of improvements in this area planned for an upcoming version, which should help with indexing speed of Google Drive and other cloud services.

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Thank you

Any ETA on that?

Does it keep indexing in the background? (To me it looks like I have to leave the app open.)

I just got my Lifetime membership and connected Infuse with Google Drive but with 1000+ movies it seems to have a real problem.

Agree with you ??‍♂️

The initial set of improvements (which should speed things up quite a bit, and help avoid Google Drive access bans) will be available in the upcoming 5.8.4 update.

That’s great news!
For my initial scan and fetching of data, I’ve accumulated over 2 full days worth of screen time on my iPhone :confused:

Real-time updating would be ideal but I can see that killing API requests (something Plex learned the hard way).

Would it be possible to set a daily scan that auto-initiates at a specified time like 4am?

What time you will release the update?? I can’t wait ?
Because it takes so long if you have a large library

Hi guys again I have a question
If i put in the movies and series folders the posters and the metadata it will sync more faster???
I really need help or solution because my library is so big :-/ :-\

Hi guys any updates??
Any answers??

Per James post above it sounds like 5.8.4 will be addressing some of these issues.

You can check these in the top pinned post in the “Suggestions” sub forum.

Upcoming Features (updated 9/26/18)

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5.8.4 with a few improvements for Google Drive indexing is now available. :slight_smile:

Yes the improvements are noticeable with Google Drive indexing! It picks up much faster where it left of the last time. We still need:
(1) Background indexing
(2) Faster indexing

On my new 4k Apple TV indexing is as slow as it was on my iPhone before the update that made some improvements. Has that update not been added to Apple TV version of Infuse?

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