Google drive shortcuts

So, i jumped in the ship and got infuse on atv 4k and i have to say its working very nice.
I only have one problem, on the drive i added if i try to make shortcuts, they are not picked up by the library.
Only the real files get scanned, but the shortcuts don’t, and supposedly these have been introduced in 6.4.1 according to "Shared with me" files in google drive - #2 by james

Anything else i need to do?

If you browse the share directly, you should be able to access all files (including shortcuts). We’ve also added support for the ‘Computers’ shortcut at this will be available in the upcoming 6.4.5 release.

With regard to automatic scanning, Infuse will only look at folders which have been added as favorites. Favorites can be added by browsing through the Settings > Shares > Share Name menu. Simply long-press on a folder to add it as a favorite. Adding a folder as a favorite will include all items underneath as well.

@james if i browse the share directly the shortcuts appear too, just not picked up by the library no matter what.
I left it for a full day, and still nothing, and yes the folder is starred/being watched.
As i said above, normal files are picked up, just not shortcuts.

Maybe i forgot to mention, im adding the shortcuts in the folders allready added as favorites.
Is this how its intended to work, and just access the “shortcuts” only from the share directly, or are they supposed to be picked up by the library scans?

Another edit, it seems shortcuts made for tv shows do get picked by the library, just not the movies shortcuts @james

EDIT: i managed to see whats going on and it goes like this:
library picks real files that are inside a folder, while for shortcuts you need to create a shortcut for the file directly, and not the folder containing it in order to get picked up.
hope this will help you guys fix it, as me and i guess everyone preffers keeping each file inside a movie name folder.
structure is like this: drive/movies/movie name/file
and drive/movies/file - for shortcuts in order to get picked up by the library

Thanks for the info.

We’ll take a look into this.

This has been resolved in today’s 6.4.6 update.

Enjoy! :smiley:

tyvm for this!!!

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