Google Drive Share Folder Naming

I have a Google Drive share set up in Infuse. My Google Drive folder name is currently “Movies”, but it also contains TV shows. I want to rename the Google Drive folder to something like “Media” or “Infuse” with one folder inside for movies and one for TV shows, for better organization. If I change the current name of “Movies”, will Infuse automatically account for the changes, or will it have to rebuild my entire library? I’d be interested to know how some of you have organized your folders?

If you change the folder structure, Infuse will most likely need to do re-scan and download metadata for the files. However, this would be any automatic process, and the ‘old’ files will automatically be removed from the library so you won’t have duplicates.

Thanks, James. So, I created a separate folder in the root directory of Google Drive, which I named “TV Shows” and moved all my TV shows into it. Because I have iCloud Sync enabled in Settings, Infuse updated my changed library in about a minute. Thank you, iCloud Sync! ?

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