Google drive not showing on Apple TV 4

I have just purchased the pro version of Infuse with the hope of connecting it to Google Drive and stream movies.
I setup the app first on an old iphone and connected to google drive.
I then installed the app on Apple TV 4 and it won’t show the google drive shares.
What am I doing wrong?

Do you have iCloud syncing turned on both devices? This is needed to get the Google Drive connection option copied across to the Apple TV.

Yes iCloud syncing is switched on, on both devices.

After setting up the Google Drive share on iOS, you’ll need to add at least one Favorite in order to access videos on Apple TV.

This can be done on iOS or Apple TV, but on Apple TV favorites can be added through the Settings > Shares menu.

I have added favourites through the iphone. Should these then show up on the Apple TV?

Also when I try and access the shares/favourites on the iphone nothing shows up, the loading wheel keeps spinning and nothing happens.
I have removed the google drive and re-added it without any success.


Yes, favorites added in iOS will sync over to your Apple TV.

There are a few requirements to ensure this works correctly, and a bit more info on these can be found here.

I have followed the directions to ensure it is all setup properly and still nothing.

The iphone won’t even load my files on my google drive.
I have tried removing and re-adding the account without any success.

Unfortunately as I purchased Infuse specifically to stream from google drive, if I can’t get this function to work I will be requesting a refund from Apple.

Update: Ok so it looks like my Google drive folders are now showing up on the Apple TV.
After trying to browse the folders on Google drive from my old iphone, and seeing it was just constantly loading, it led me to believe that perhaps it is just taking a long time to index the files within the folder.
I created a new folder, dropped 1 movie file in it and added it as a favourite and sure enough I was able to see the file on the iphone, the folders appeared on the Apple tv and I was able to stream it.

So it leads me to believe that indexing of files and folders can take a considerable amount of time depending on the size of the folder.
This is something that really needs to be in the documentation for the app as it has taken me the good part of almost 2 weeks to work this out.

I am now getting the following error message when trying to browse my Google drive favourites

infuse is no longer able to access your account since the access token has been revoked

Does this mean Google has blocked Infuse from scanning/cataloging my folders?
How do I fix this?

What options do you have to authenticate if your iOS device and your Apple TV are using different accounts for app data cloud sync?

My ATV is logged in with a shared family account. But on my phone I use a personal account for at the main login and just use that family account for the store login.

On the Apple TV, you can log in to separate accounts for iCloud and App Store (like you can on iOS).

I’d recommend logging into your iCloud account on Apple TV, and allow Infuse to sync (which will transfer over your Google Drive connection). Once this appears in Infuse, you can either keep the iCloud login on Apple TV, or disable iCloud Sync and switch back to the other login.

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