Google Drive Movies with nfo but poster not showing up

Hello everyone,

I am trying out infuse for a month before I decide to buy it or not.
My issue is the following:

I have 2311 movies in my Google Drive, each movie is in its own folder along with metadata nfo file and poster

Now, when I connected infuse to my Google Drive, all movies show up under movies… nothing shows up under others which is great. Also, they all show the correct metadata as expected since nfo files are there. But, only 20% of them or so show posters… the remaining 80% show a black screen with white film role in the middle. if I click on a movie “one of those that do not show the poster” the poster will load up but when I go back to all movie screen, it shows up as black thumbnail with white film role just like before.

any suggestions? or is that a limitation in infuse that it cannot load things correctly from cloud.

Note: I left my iPad running all night to make sure whatever process infuse is running will not be interrupted. still, nothing has changed

I would really appreciate any help or insights on the issue

Here is a picture of my library explaining the issue better

I covered the posters that show up with orange boxes because they NSFW posters

but as you can see the rest, do not show any posters although they are inside the movie folder with nfo files as well. When I click any movie that do not show the poster, then and only then the poster will show up but as soon as I go back to library view they disappear and go back to what you see in the picture

Any help??

I guess canceling the trial is better than waiting for an answer till you charge me for a new month

See Ya

Sorry for the trouble.

It sounds like you are using external artwork for these videos. Can you provide a bit more info on how these are named?

Some general info on naming external metadata and artwork files can be found here.