Google Drive/GSuite Playback Quality

Hello. I just wanted to verify for certain. If I use Google Drive to store my media files and play back via Infuse, am I getting the same quality and playback as if the file were stored on a local NAS?

Neither Google nor Infuse are forcing any kind of extra transcoding or manipulation on the files? And that goes for HD and as well as UHD HDR MKVs?


Everything is left untouched by infuse.

Infuse plays the file as it it is provided by the server. The biggest issue will be with larger files if you have the bandwidth on the internet portion as well as the local network to stream the file.

I have Gigabit service with no data cap that has proven highly reliable at several hundred Mbps, so I should be all set.

Just be advised that Google drive has been known to limit data at time for reasons not always clear and they have locked out folks for it so best of luck and let us know how it goes.

Check out my recent struggles using g suite with infuse… I haven’t had much trouble up until the last few days where it errors out to play any file now…

Anyone else having this problem? its a real pain in the ass! ugh :frowning:

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My Plex server is gsuite and I’ve been unable to connect Infuse with it since the 6.1.8 update. I can connect Plex, but it errors out when getting the shares. Mine did what yours is doing but then I tried to reconnect my account and the errors start earlier, if that makes sense. I sent in a report to support and they say that I have a separate drive connected to Infuse and completely ignored what my actual problem is.

Yep, I’m wondering if something was recently introduced in the latest update to infuse that causes more fetching of data from google drive which constantly causes a temporary ban on accessing the files. I am trying to get someone to respond back about this.

Good luck. If you haven’t already, try opening a support ticket. Everyone seems baffled by this.

Yep, I already have an open ticket but no reply back yet. :frowning: