Google Drive constantly refreshing metadata/artwork


I currently have around 42TB worth of media on my G Suite drive. It seems like every time I open infuse on either my Apple TV or iPad it scans the G drive and has to fetch the metadata/artwork almost each time. With over 4k+ files to scan it can take a very long time to let it complete this process.

Should it have to fetch the details each time? Just wondering what the ideal scenario is when dealing with Google Drive as the source of all my media.


It has to complete the fetch at least once. It may be picking up where it left off each time if you’re not letting it complete a fetch and sync cycle.

Even though I let it complete a scan once it would usually need to fetch all the media again. Is the scan required per device? i.e. if I have 2 apple tvs and an ipad do they all need to scan for media seperatly?

Do you have iCloud sync turned on? If so I believe it should only be once and the others will sync with iCloud.

To add, you do have to be signed into the same apple id on all devices and you have to let everything after the first install load from iCloud, not manually adding the shares to each one.

Yes iCloud sync is turned on. Do i need to manually hit the refresh button to scan for media each time I open infuse or does it do it automatically?

Each time you launch Infuse it will check your shares for changes and if it find any it will fetch the metadata for those changes. When it finishes the updates it will then automatically update iCloud so you don’t have to do anything. I’d also recommend having Background App Refresh turned on in the tvOS and iOS settings for Infuse.

I turned off the others that were on and left Infuse as the only app that will use the background app refresh and it seems to be working great.

So each time you launch infuse it scans for any changes and adds the new items. How long should this process normally take?

It can vary so much depending on size of library and if it’s a remote library the internet speeds between the source and you can change the time needed.

The best way I’ve found to get an idea of how long it takes is to as soon as you launch Infuse go to the Settings > Library and there you get the screen with the total files in the Movies, TV Shows, and Other. Just below that you will see the messages on what Infuse is doing regarding the updating. Sometimes I get a couple of syncing to iCloud messages before the “Last Updated…” message appears so if you get the “Last Updated…” message wait a minute to make sure Infuse has completed the iCloud sync. I think it does multiples when other devices have done a sync and Infuse does both checking for iCloud updates from other devices running Infuse and also it sends updates to iCloud for changes this device found.

Hope that made sense. Sometimes when trying to explain what I’ve observed I can get long winded. :wink:

Keep in mind, with Background App Refresh it can do much of this when the ATV is sleeping/not being used so that feature really helps cut the time for syncs.