Google Drive and iCloud and Infuse for Android USER

Hello, good morning from Spain.
I want to congratulate you and express my sincere admiration and respect for
your work with the application for Apple TV ( INFUSE ).

I have read very good reviews of it in the forums and my friends, users of
your application, have given me very good reviews and comments of your
application for Apple TV 4K (5th GEN).

I have a technical question: I read in your official forums that the INFUSE
application to sync with my movies saved in my Google Drive account, needs to
sync through Apple’s iCloud Service.
As I understand from the Apple TV 4K application itself it is not possible to
sync with my Google drive account so it is necessary to have an Apple Device
with an active iCloud account.

I do NOT have an Apple device (neither iPhone nor iPad) but I want to buy the
Apple TV 4K and purchase its INFUSE App so I can play my movies from my
Google Drive account.

My question is :

Could I register and create an Apple ID account and use that Apple ID account
to create and register in iCloud and once registered in iCloud, link or sync
my Google Drive account, and thus play from the INFUSE App for Apple TV 4K ?
My idea is to do all of the above from a Chrome web browser and a Windows 10
I don’t have any Apple device (neither iPhone nor iPad) to do all the above.

Could I use my Android device (Samsung Galaxy Note 8) to do all of the above?
Any Android applications from your development team to do this?

Thank you very much for your attention and time.
I look forward to hearing from you.

PS: I want to sign up for iCloud (without having an Apple device) and once I
sign up for iCloud, link my Google drive account to the iCloud service so I
can use it in your INFUSE 6 PRO for Apple TV 4K application. Thank you very
much and receive a cordial and affectionate greeting

Unfortunately, you would need to have Infuse installed (at least temporarily) on an iOS device in order to set up a Google Drive connection for the Apple TV.

If you don’t have an iOS device, the absolute cheapest option would probably to pick up a used 6th gen iPod Touch (model MKH42LL/A) as these can easily be found for under $100 on sites like eBay. These models can be upgrade to iOS 12, which will support the latest version of Infuse 6.

Once the connection has been synced to iCloud and is available on the Apple TV the iOS device is no longer needed.

Hello everyone from Spain

I’m new and I’ll introduce myself: Spanish of 41 years old addicted to the cinema of all the styles and epochs and to the series of all the styles and epochs especially Science Fiction and Fantasy

I have a Google Drive account with 20Tb of content in 4K UHDRemux with movies and series and anime and I would like to know if there is any way or method or way to link that Google Drive account with the program and get the metadata of my movies, series and cartoons and anime (more or less as you can do in Kodi and Plex and inFuse and emby and jellyfin)

I would welcome any feedback or help in linking my GoogleDrive account to your program

Thank you very much.