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I have been using Infuse Pro 5 for a number of years, changed to the new iPad recently and everything was fine. Downloaded some stuff from my Naz the other night and went to play it and got the error - An error occurred - an error occurred loading this content.

It seams to be an issue with mp4 formated files, but not all mp4 files. I have a couple that will play but the rest wont. That includes ones I have downloaded and played without issue on my old iPad.

I updated to the latest version 5.9.5, but still have the issue. Normally this player is bomb proof it has always played everything I have thrown at it, any ideas would be appreciated.



Welcome to the forum, and sorry for the trouble.

We recently discovered a bug that could appear in some cases when downloading videos. This resulting in the downloaded files being incomplete, which resulted in playback issues.

The 5.9.5 update released yesterday resolves this issue, so files downloaded after updating would not have this issue. Files which were downloaded in 5.9.3 and 5.9.4 may still exhibit playback issues, so we recommend removing these files and downloading a fresh copy after updating to 5.9.5.

I’ve had no problems streaming my videos until yesterday when I started getting “An error occurred loading this content.” on both my iPhone & Apple TV 4k for every single video that I try to play.

I also have this issue.
My NAS is not hypernating and Infuse works flawless before 5.9.5 update.
I stream over SMB from my NAS.

What could I do to resolve this annoying issue?

I am also experiencing this issue. Movies were streaming from Google to my Apple TV just fine earlier this evening. Now trying to stream on my phone and getting the same issue. Just confirmed with my in-laws that they are also getting this error on their Apple TV… Running the latest version of Infuse.

Could you verify the actual version number?

Also you should probably start a new thread in the tvOS forum since this thread is about files downloaded to an iOS device, not streamed and not an ATV. It also has been marked as solved for the original post.

Infuse Pro 5.9.6 (2484)

Sorry. I figured I could post it here since it’s occuring on both the iOS device as well as the Apple TV. Both devices are steaming content from Google Cloud.

Right but the original post has nothing to do with Google Drive, and it’s talking about files that are downloaded to an iOS device, not streamed.

You can post either place but since you said you personally were having issues on the ATV I suggested there. Either way, a new thread will go further to find a resolution to your problem since this thread is totally different and already marked as solved.

If Google senses you are accessing too many files or from too many locations they may place a temporary limit on your account. This would prevent apps like Infuse from accessing videos.

These restrictions usually resolve themselves in a few hours, so I’d try again later today.

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