Google Cast support on macOS

Im a very new Mac user. Ive been using my iPad Pro for a long time and was happy to find the infuse app since i was looking for a good replacement for PlayerXtreme. I like to chromecast to my TV but the AirPlay option AND Chromecast option arnt available on MacOS. The only airplay i can do is extending the screen, but i cant chromecast or airplay infuse specifically. Is it something they still need to add in or is it something that you cant do on MacOS?
Or is it just sometihng im missing in the setting or whatnot?

Device: MacBook Pro 13 inch M1
TV1: Samsung 4K TV (2018, no airplay built in) + Chromcast


Chromecasting from macOS isn’t supported just yet, but this is planned for an upcoming version (along with AirPlay).

Moved to suggestions for now. Thanks!

Hi! I was wondering if this issue has already been fixed since a year has gone by? I can’t seem to figure out how to cast from my macbook to my tv.

This is a suggestion for a future feature in Infuse. It’s in the suggestions forum where you can vote on features you want to see added in future versions.

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