Google Cast can't handle 1080p (yet)?

I’ve just tested streaming to my Chromecast and it feels painfully close to a perfect solution. The one thing that prevent me from using it, is that it freezes all the time when I play 1080p content. The 720p content seems to work fine.

Is this something that is normal and that we can expect to be fixed in the future?

1080p mkv lag so must. 720p works fine.

If you’re able to open a support ticket and send in the video’s MediaInfo specs, that may help track down what’s going on.

However, while Chromecast will technically support “1080p” - not all 1080p is created equal, so some higher bitrate videos may just be too much for the Chromecast to handle.

Thanks, I might do that, although I suspect it’s probably just too much for the Chromecast to handle.

I’m considering purchasing an Apple TV 3, so how’s the experience on there? My videos are mostly H.264/DTS MKV files, with video bitrate 10-15 Mbps. Would I be able to stream those videos with native Airplay and in the background? Are there any limitations I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance.

The ATV3 is definitely a bit more robust, so you should be fine there.

If I stream a 1080p M4V or MP4 from my NAS > iPad 2 > Chromecast it works really well. Don’t see a great deal of difference between it and my ATV3.

I do have a huge MKV that I use for testing things (1080p 25gig file) and that would play but the playback was too choppy to watch, whereas the ATV3 managed it OK, albeit with a bit of a wait for it to start.