Google Backup and Sync Question

I have all of my media stored on an external hard drive attached to a Mac mini. I have been using Infuse with Plex integration serving the media to an Apple TV 4 and numerous iPhones and iPads. I use Google Drive through my work account (unlimited storage) to backup all of my media. I have installed Google Backup and Sync to unload and watch my media folders, so that when I add or delete something, it will automatically do the same in my Google Drive. So I was thinking about just using Infuse to read straight from my Drive. The problem I am running into is I can’t get to where my media is stored through Infuse. Google Backup and Sync has created a section called “Computers” in the navigation pane on the left side of my computer screen. When I click on it, “My Mac mini” shows up and then all of my media inside of that, so all of my media is there and my storage shows that it is all there. When I go to add my media to Infuse through Google Drive it only shows my options as “My Drive”, “Team Drive”, and “Shared with Me”. The “Computer” location is not an option and I have tried to move it to the “My Drive” segment or create a short cut, but it is a no go. Can anyone give me any help? Thanks.

I believe this is because Google treats the “Computers” section as an isolated container. They are in their own top-level filesystem, so to speak, and entirely managed through its new backup and sync app, and then there’s the traditional Google Drive container, which is a non-managed container where you just stash what you want. This would mean different APIs to manage this data as well. It’s the same reason shared drives are a bit different, too.

You need your files to exist in the latter top-level container, “My Drive.” Move your media outside of the “Computers” container. Moreover, I wouldn’t consider ephemeral media like this as important as computer backups of your personal/family data. Media libraries can take hundreds of TBs, while critical personal/family data will likely be less than a TB or two. It’s important to divorce the two in your backup strategy. This last bit is just my opinion, but I think it’s important to categorize and tier your data in accordance to importance, and non-personal media definitely falls low in the tiered strategy.