Good Practice for ISO Playback

I have a large collection of DVDs that reside on a NAS box as ISO disk image files. I have aTV flash installed on my AppleTV 1st generation, and I am bewildered by the different browsers/media centers offered after installation.

What is the simplest way to view these ISOs on AppleTV - without having to extract the TS_VIDEO first?

Thank you very much for your recommendation


The simplest way would be to browse your files in nitoTV. Selecting the ISO file will 'mount' it, then selecting the mounted item (visible from within the same menu) will start playback of the ISO.

Except of course if you want to stream over wireless. In which case don’t even bother trying nitoTV. You’ll have to use XBMC as it actually works.

Apparently nobody can be bothered fixing the bugs with nitoTV.