Good apps for JB ATV"??

Dont know if this is the right forum, but…

I would like to know what other users use of apps and can recommed on an ATV 2?

Im new in this univers

I’m curious too, though at the moment I’ve filled my NVRAM to the brim with console apps,
guess that’s what apt-get autoremove is there to help with = )
(I’d like to see something updated other then just for a bug fix…

  • lots of apps aren’t even compatible with the most recent JB FM, and it’s been over a year…or two since it’s release?
    There’s a few decent packages in the base install, enough to watch.mlv’s or mp4’s on x.264 streamed from a network file server or a windows shared folder, but there doesn’t seem to be much planning for any nice new apps or big updates.

How hard is it to compile the tarball for Plex and turn it into an apt-get pkg? Or even just copy couch-surfer, strip it down, change the icon, and point it to a plex-server kinda like Plex-Connect did on the ATV3 before apple killed it? doesn’t the ATV2 have a dual-core cpu with one disabled? has anyone tried experimenting with re enabling it - like with the tri-core CPU’s AMD use to sell? or at least some updated codecs to smooth some performance out of it. Would faking the firmware identifier file get HBO GO to appear (or is it HBO NOW?, I still confuse the two – the one I can purchase through the app-store but isn’t on my ATV2 screen, that would be nice). At least Netflix and Hulu haven’t given me a problem.

P.S.: Anything XBMC/KODI does not count (IMHO), It works better on just about any other hardware and defeats the purpose of having an ATV2, not to mention that its horrifically slow piece of massive bloatware, why they still support the ATV when the developers never gave a concern for optimization, its mostly meant for people with modern 1k-to-3k USD HTPC’s
–Why?: (life on an ATV2 XBMC: clean install, open → wait 5 minutes → click right arrow → wait 30 seconds → now on next menu item over, after watching a side-scroll animate between 3 & 7 fps on it’s minimalist GUI → click arrow again; repeat).
–Then you need tons of free time - as it’s less configuration friendly than using vi on text files while keeping several other ssh windows open to view man pages… Except that would be much easier! (Plex is superior in every way except perhaps the amount of plugins - and the monthly subscription money they try to get you to sign up for, though they do deserve something for their work), no surprise why they forked away from XBMC… That being said I think the latest Infuse 3 for iPhone/iPads have some nice updates, they might shame Plex if they updated the ATV client. All I know for now is, pretty-soon im going to go out and spend between $30 and $50 for an Arduino which will crush the ATV2 alive in every respect -minus using the optional robot arms (due to cost)…