Going from Tethered to UnTethered

Maybe this is an obvious question but I am new to Jailbreak…

I have an ATV2, OS5, aTV Flash 1.5, with the latest Seass0npass Tethered jailbreak.

I have seen many posts here of people “waiting” for the untethered version.

Does it mean that when it arrives I will not be able to switch to an untethered jailbreak?

It is important for me to know because unfortunately where I live there have been some periodic power outages and the tethered boot of my ATV everytime is becoming some how annoying…



You would need to rejailbreak the device (reflash the untethered IPSW) to make use of an untethered jailbreak once one becomes available.

Great, not big deal then.

Thank you very much for your reply.