Going from 4.4 to 5

Hi folks, I’ve been running 4.4 for a while and want to update my ATV to the newest version (5+), but I’m a bit confused as to how to do this. Do I need jailbreak it from scratch? Are there any instructions anywhere to take me through the process? And can I do it without losing everything that’s already on my ATV (ie. all the add-ons, setups, passwords, etc)? Finally, are there any drawbacks to upgrading? I saw some posts where some features don’t work as well.


Unfortunately, you will lose all your settings/addons but ATV flash CAN has a backup tool in “maintenance” (Note: this will only backup your settings, not your addons). To update you’ll need to restore in iTunes with a seas0npass IPSW. Just download the latest version of seas0npass, and it will walk you through it. If you don’t like OS 5 then its not likely you can go back. I can’t tell you about the features since I started jailbreaking on 5 but Plex hasn’t been updated, and other addons have bugs.