Go to specific time code

Is it possible to jump/search/go to a specific time code in Infuse?

For instance go to 01:03 ? without having to scrub though an hour and 3 min?

Thank you in advance



Not at this time, but if you are using the standard Siri remote you can scrub to a specific time pretty quickly.

  1. Pause video
  2. Use touch pad to slide to a specific time
  3. Resume video

Using an harmony Remote?
Still not the same though.
Oh well maybe in the future it’s something to consider? It’s not as bad when it remembers where I stopped watching but still could use it sometimes ?

Moving to suggestions for now. Thanks.


Let’s face it, scrubbing a movie to get to a certain part sucks.

Would the addition of these two features be possible?

  1. Bookmark support, so I can add a bookmark to return to an exact point later on? I know I can resume from last watched, but sometimes I want a particular scene, and other times I am unable to resume from where I left off if a movie only have 5% to go. Being able to set a bookmark would be great!

  2. The ability to skip to a particular time stamp. The Apple TV remote doesn’t have a number pad, but can we use the keyboard functionality for this? So it pops up either an on screen keyboard and/or the iOS/Apple TV keyboard on our phone, and use that to skip to a time stamp?

Thank you

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Yes please from me!

I could see this being easily done with Siri, if implemented.