"Go to Show" and "Go to Season" buttons

Loving the new Plex integration!

When viewing an individual TV episode, the official Plex tvOS app has two buttons: “Go to Show” and “Go to Season”, which allow you to jump to their respective sections.

I don’t wish to add clutter to the UI, however I find these really useful so wondered if Infuse could add something similar?

You could argue they aren’t required when browsing using the library since you can just navigate back. My specific use case is when I get to an episode from the home page directly (i.e. via the “Watching” or “Recently Added” lists).

In this case, navigating back takes me to the home screen again. If I want to go to another season, I have to find the show again via the library and it’s a bit inconvenient.

Thanks and keep up the great work!


These are essential, as you wrote, when navigating to an item from the home screen, such as the “watched” items.

Agreed. The addition of these buttons will make navigation much easier.