I wonder if this wireless setup would work with my ATV? I have been using this combo it on my regular TV and Windows XP for ages now, That’s what I call real couch surfing. I hope to try it sometime tonight. Has anyone used this particular wireless combo yet?
If this combo worked, I would be in seventh heaven. Seeing as it worked with XP (but noticed I could get Mac drivers), does anyone know whether mice or keyboards that are recognized by ATV are OS neutral?

Since it is RF wireless based it should work just fine. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer works great…Sure wish I had two USB’s in the back of the ATV so as I could plus in the usb for the keyboard/mouse combo, and one for the USB Hard Drive

Why not just add a USB hub?

If you are adding harddrives and other stuff, it might be smart to get a powered hub, since the AppleTV will not deliver enough power to run all of them at once…

Thanks, will do just that when I can crawl into that tight space under my TV to find a plug!, Also, will
make sure my wife isn’t around to watch me plugging in another device!