Global Filters for Library


besides Infuse on my iPad, I also use Kodi on my TV.
In Kodi you can define if you want to see “all Items”, “only unwatched” or “only watched” Items globally.
This can be set for the Movie Library, TV show Library and so on seperatly.

If you for example set the movie library to show only unwatched items, this setting remains intact also if you go to the genres view and select a genre.
Then Kodi shows all movies of the selected genre, but only the unwatched ones.

This would be a great feature for me to have in the Infuse Library as well.

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The Lobrary has this, and you can also favorite those so it shows on the main screen. Like my home screen has Movies, TV, Unwatched Movies, Unwatched TV.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I know this feature and the “unwatched Movies” Smart filter in the library.
But that is not exactly what I suggested.

For example I go to genres and select “Action”. Then I allways get -all- movies which are part of this genre view.
What I would like to have is an option to toggle between watched, unwatched an all movies, while I am “inside” this smart filter view.

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