Glitch makes artwork disappear

Just out of curiosity, did you do a restart of the device after you turned off the embedded metadata? I don’t know if that would have a bearing on things but I do know that the poster you were seeing with the RARBG is shown when embedded metadata is turned on and usually disappears when you turn it off.

No I didn’t restart the device I was thinking if deleting the app and re-installing but once I got the pictures to show up it wasn’t necessary

One other possibility is the folder where these movies are located has been set to “Local Metadata” that can be set for folders and all items inside will use embedded.

As long as you good with having the posters included next to the file then it’s all good. :wink:

Are the movies that won’t keep their posters by any chance in the same folder? I’d suggest just to avoid future issues, maybe check the folder they are in to see if it’s set to local metadata and also the parent folders of that folder.

Somewhere something is telling Infuse to use the embedded metadata.

Nope, everything has its own folders, and as far what its settings are it is on default, so if local metadata is on by default then that’s the setting it’s on, but that wouldn’t explain why all the other movies picture art shows up fine but those 2 didn’t. I’m sure someone else will have the same issue down the road and the only solution is to manually put a pic in the folder.

Can you provide a screenshot of how you have these folders organized?

Are there any picture files near the video or folders for these titles?

Was the Embedded Metadata option ever enabled?

Yes it was enabled because I turned it off to see if that would fix things so im assuming its on by default, I posted a screen shot of the folders up top, if you scroll up you’ll see the blank picture with the on it next to the other movies/folders it’s organized by titles by default so from A-Z. we tired to disable it, we tried re fresh the meta data, I refreshed the app multiple times, I tried to change the title to something else and change it back multiple times and all came to the same conclusion, the blank folder with, once I manually put a picture in the folder and re edited the meta data to the correct title it showed the picture I put and has stayed there as I’m writing this to you.

Thanks for the info.

In addition to the main setting, it’s also possible to tag individual folders to use local metadata. This is useful for cases when you might have a folder of home videos you don’t want Infuse to try and match. It’s possible one of your folders may have gotten tagged (we added a new warning about this in the 7.1 update to avoid accidentally tagging folders).

If it’s working how you like now then I guess maybe don’t mess with it.